Do you have a high midichlorian count in your blood?

Did you design and build your own personal weapon, primarily in the form of a ‘light sabre’?

Do you have the ability to manipulate The Force, thereby influencing animate and inanimate objects in your vicinity?

If the answer is yes, then great: you’re a Jedi.

If not, don’t put down “Jedi” as your religion in the upcoming Census. If you’re not religious, put down “No religion”. If you do have a religion, put that down.

Putting down “Jedi” and then gloating about it makes you look like a knob, not a master of The Force. If you’re doing it for humour purposes, I feel obliged to let you know that it puts you on par with those people who quote catchphrases from certain films that are approaching a decade old, thinking they’re still funny (Anchorman fans, take note: you know who you are).

Would you wear a clown outfit for a passport photo? Would you put down “I’m a cybernetic organism sent through time to kill Sarah Connor”  when a driving licence application asks you for any possible physical issues that may affect your driving? I can already picture some of my friends saying “great ideas!” as they read those questions, but you get my point: the Census is an important survey that allows us to get a snapshot of our society as it stands now, hopefully allowing for distribution of appropriate funds where needed. When officials see “Jedi” they have no idea if you are religious or not, and the net effect is that it can potentially affect funding.

Don’t go out of your way to make a mockery of important surveys: you’re making a mockery of yourself.

“A Jedi a national census does not make.” – Yoda, March 2011