The counting is still underway, but the results so far are clear: the Marriage Equality Referendum has passed.

There has been a very high turnout for this referendum, very possibly the highest since 1937, when the Constitution was established. The results are looking at approximately a 2:1 result in favour of Yes, with many outlets and commentators considering it a landslide result.

Today is a day Ireland can be proud.

We’ve come a long way over the last few decades and the result of this referendum affirms that change. We’ve matured as a nation, and we’ve learned to love and respect our brothers and sisters, friends and colleagues. We’ve grown to understand that while we’re all different, we are all equal. Love is love, no matter who feels that love.

We still have a way to go yet to eradicate homophobia in Ireland: every day LGBT people still experience discrimination and abuse on the basis of their sexual orientation. This is something we must continue to fight, but the referendum shows that the final nails are being firmly driven into to the coffin of a different age. That age of hate, oppression, and repression is on its way out, and we are now seeing the start of an age of love, acceptance, growth, and opportunity.

Well done, everyone. We’ve made history.