Have you ever found yourself faced with the manic hysteria from anti-choice people when trying to have a proper discussion? The sort of comments that make you facepalm and wonder if they ever take a deep breath and just listen to themselves for a moment?

Well, I have, unfortunately. When I read some of the comments made by people against abortion I sometimes fear that they’ll have a brain aneurysm or that they’re frothing wildly at the mouth out of sheer faux-outrage. I’m almost embarrassed for them!

So I’ve decided to collect a few one-liner quotes from anti-choicers to try to give you a sense of just how ludicrous their arguments have become recently, and hopefully you’ll get the same sense of what-the-absolute-fuck-is-going-on that I do. I’ll try to keep adding more as I find them, but please feel free to let me know if you come across any more gems: add them to the comments, or email me or tweet me.


isen’t it a good job or we would be out murdering one another every dayand we wouldent even have to to Europe.

So you’re right, women don’t get equitable treatment in those issues. They get better treatment

incest is, by definition, consensual

In Florida it is illegal to kill a baby tortoise – yet in Ireland Fine Gael are going to legalise the killing of human babies.

Ill make a simple point! A husband gets his wife pregnant! The decision whether or not to abort that baby is not entirely hers!

And if you are a woman and don’t want one, don’t get pregnant I suppose. Equally simple.

And if you’re against slavery, don’t buy one

O’ misinformation and unthruth awlys coming from the baby murders yes

Yes Katie Does everything including muder is OK With you so long as your sort of WOMEN has her rights?

We have laws that protect the life of women (clearly a bit muddy now but hopefully that’ll be sorted soon) and that of the unborn.

should we legalise drugs because some Irish people go over to Amsterdam and get high, despite our laws?

Much better to frame it as a sexism or anti-catholic issue rather than talk about terminating healthy pregnancies. I’ll tell you how much I like women- I don’t want any of them killed before they’re born.

Usual people bringing the religious argument into it. I love how they’re always the atheists though.

Common sense- why is it always the pro-abortionists who bring up religion? Obsessed by the priests ye are.

I think it shows us that people tend to follow what’s cool rather than morrally right. I’ll say a prayer for you: Saint Michael the Archangel, be our protection against the wickedness and snares of the Devil. May God rebuke him we humbly pray. […]

What I meant to say is that your posts read like the lunch menu card on the bedside in a lobotomy hospital. That better?

We, and by that I mean the thousands who want otherwise who were demonstrating in Dublin, will not accept suicidal ideation as grounds for an abortion. It behoves our politicians to listen and act, by giving a clear, unambiguous, choice to the people in this regard.

FG has no mandate to introduce, for the first time, abortion into this country. The least they could do is get a clear mandate, one way or the other.

The crowed that collected in Dublin was the largest protest Dublin has seen for some time, and we hope the politicians have taken note.

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