I got my new OnePlus One phone earlier this week and so far I’m having a great experience with it. I’d recommend the phone to anyone looking for a new high-end device at a lower cost than the main competitors.

However, like many other people, I ran into the problem of a yellowish band appearing along the bottom of the screen.

At first it was quite subtle, but became quite obvious (or at least I thought it did; it could have been that I was just more aware of its presence). With some research online I found that it could be a physical problem with the glue in the screen not curing properly. One suggested fix was to leave the phone exposed to ultra-violet light to cure the glue.

My fix is different. If the yellow tinge on the OnePlus One is caused by, maybe, an excess of glue that hasn’t yet cured, I thought it might worth trying to force the glue out, or at least applying some pressure to it.

Here’s the fix:

  1. Hold your OnePlus One firmly in one hand
  2. Grip the affected end of the phone between your thumb and forefinger
  3. Rub your thumb over and back along the yellow band, applying moderate force (not enough to break the phone, obviously)
  4. You will hopefully notice the yellow tinge disappearing

This worked for me, after doing it for maybe 10 seconds. Over the space of a few hours, the tinge disappeared completely. It has reappeared a couple of time since, but only very faintly. Repeating the above fix for a few seconds rectified the problem again.

This fix for the OnePlus One yellow band issue may not work for me, but as it looks to have worked for me a number of times, it may be worth a shot. I don’t know the mechanics of how it works: it could be due to the pressure, or heat generated through friction, or a combination of both.

Hope you enjoy your (tinge-free) OnePlus One!