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The Old Stadium – II

I wrote some more surrounding the Anfield camp in Liverpool. This piece is an extension of my previous bit; it’s still very much flash fiction, but extends into The Letter and the larger project.

Again, this is all just exploratory writing: there’s nothing complete here, but I do want to make you feel sick.

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Some Thoughts on Abortion

Hi, folks. It’s been a while since I’ve written about this. In one sense I took a break from it: I needed a breather; I laid down my pen and did what I could to help fight for a Repeal of the 8th Amendment in other ways. It wasn’t much, nor was it ever much; there are a lot of other people making #repealthe8th happen and not only keeping it alive but making it a ferocious and unignorable thing. A Repeal will happen, regardless of who wants it or not. It must happen. It simply must.

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Guest Post: Paris – Thoughts from a Gig Dweller

My friend Shaun is a music photographer. He worked at The Olympia Theatre on the night of the attack on Paris. A few days before, the Eagles of Death Metal played at The Olympia, before going to Paris where they and their fans were caught up in the shocking and tragic events of November 13th. This connection had an impact on Shaun, and he shared his thoughts with those around him, as many of us have. I’m happy to now repost his words as a guest post here.

Remember, hate and fear have no place in our world any more: we can drive them out with love and bravery.

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‘Thoughts’ is on the Blog Awards Long-List

So Conor’s Thoughts has been long-listed for the Blog Awards Ireland 2015, in the category for Education and Science! I’m really excited by this and have to thank all my readers for your continuous encouragement in writing about science and astronomy. With your help I hope this blog can make it to the short list, but in the meantime I have some new blog posts coming up in the next while telling you all about current and future space missions and frontier physics experiments. Do you want to know how to build a starship? Or maybe you’d rather know about how teleportation will make our next generation computers even faster? Stay tuned!

Check out my shiny new graphic *smugface*

Check out my shiny new graphic *smugface*

Blog Awards 2015

Thank you all for following my blog: it makes me really happy that so many people are interested in my passions, and I always strive to write something that I think will instill some wonder and reflection, make people think outside of the normal day-to-day matters, and most of all give people enjoyment.

Thoughts is entered in the Best Educational and Science Blog category in this years Blog Awards Ireland, so if you like my blog and enjoy my ramblings,  I would be really honoured if you could consider giving my blog a vote at

I have more posts on the way so thank you again for following and I hope you’ll enjoy what’s coming!

Conor’s Thoughts now on Facebook

I’ve set up a new Facebook page for this website so that those who might be more avid users of social networks can get updates of new posts that they might like.

Check out and hit the ‘Like’ button!


Already this I can see this is going to be harder than I thought, and it’s only my first post! Probably because I already know what I’m seeing in this particular case, so maybe later posts where I’m learning new stuff will be easier.

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Geometry of Nature

I studied astronomy and physics at university after pretty much a lifetime of wanting to be an astronomer. Astronomy was (and still is) one of those things that continues to amaze me, but it’s something that I can generally “get”.

I say ‘generally’, because until recently, if you asked me how humankind first figured out the distance to the Sun, or that the Earth was round, I wouldn’t have been able to answer. It’s this aspect of astronomy that’s more or less a part of history, rather than a part of useful science nowadays.

So, I have an idea. I’d like undertake the experiments that the ancient philosophers and astronomers did and “discover” the basic shape and geometry of nature and the Universe around us. To do this, I hope to make my own observations of the motions of planets and stars in the sky. Where such observations are not possible, I may have to cheat and use computer simulations to describe the experiment.

I’ll post each experiment and “discovery” on this blog as I complete them, maybe with a few notes on what I found and why the experiment was important in a historical context. All going well I hope it will make an interesting series of posts, and I hope to learn a bit more about observational astronomy.

I’ll post them all under the category ‘Geometry of Nature’ for easy navigation. First up: planets.

“Walk The Line” Solstice Walk 2012

I’m doing the Solstice Walk in June with Walk the Line to help raise much-needed funds for the Dublin & Wicklow Mountain Rescue Team. During this walk I will trek 20km (30km if I’m feeling adventurous) across the Dublin and Wicklow mountains throughout the night.

If you’d like to help me support DWMRT you can sponsor me by sending your donation by PayPal to conor dot farrell8 at gmail dot com.

Alternatively, you can visit and getting a sponsorship voucher using the code 651025.

Check out that site, too, if you’d like to take part in the Solstice Walk yourself 😀

MISSING STUDENT: Have you seen Paul Bunbury?

Today, March 13th, Paul Bunbury’s remains were lifted from the River Liffey in Dublin. My thoughts and condolences are with his family and friends during this difficult time.

Paul, it was great knowing you. You won’t be forgotten.

– Conor


If you have seen – or even think you’ve seen – Paul Bunbury since about 4pm on Thursday, February 2nd, could you please call Whitehall Garda Station on 01 6664500.

Paul left DCU on Thursday, February 2nd, and was last seen on CCTV around the O2 (Point Depot) area of Dublin at approximately 6:15pm on the same day.

Earlier in the day he left via the Ballymun Road exit of DCU and visited the nearby Eurospar.

It’s not like him to disappear so quickly, have his phone off and not be at a computer for more than 24 hours. He’s a friend so we just want to know he’s safe.

Please tell your connections on Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, and anywhere else about Paul. You can use the sharing buttons at the bottom of this post to get the word out. Even just one message will help, and you can link to this post.

How to Help

Download a flyer that you can print and stick up in your workplace at

If you use Twitter, please use the hashtag #FindPaulB and retweet the message

On Reddit

On Facebook, just copy and paste this message:

If anyone has seen – or thinks they have seen – Paul Bunbury since about 4pm on Thursday could you please contact the Whitehall Garda Station in Dublin (+353 (0) 1 6664500). It’s not like him to disappear so quickly, have his phone off and not be at a computer for so long. He’s a friend so we just want to know he’s safe. Please share this with everyone you know.

‘Like’ the Find Paul Bunbury Facebook page, and ask your friends to ‘like’ it too.


Here’s his photo:

Please share and send this message to everyone you can.



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