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What is the 8th Amendment?

In less than a week we will have voted on whether we should repeal the 8th Amendment. But what actually is the 8th Amendment? What are we voting on? What happens after?

There’s a lot of talk happening now about the referendum, and if you haven’t been following it really closely,  you could be finding it all a bit confusing or overwhelming. Hopefully this post will help clear things up and explain things succinctly. Continue reading

We’ve Made History

The counting is still underway, but the results so far are clear: the Marriage Equality Referendum has passed.

There has been a very high turnout for this referendum, very possibly the highest since 1937, when the Constitution was established. The results are looking at approximately a 2:1 result in favour of Yes, with many outlets and commentators considering it a landslide result.

Today is a day Ireland can be proud.

We’ve come a long way over the last few decades and the result of this referendum affirms that change. We’ve matured as a nation, and we’ve learned to love and respect our brothers and sisters, friends and colleagues. We’ve grown to understand that while we’re all different, we are all equal. Love is love, no matter who feels that love.

We still have a way to go yet to eradicate homophobia in Ireland: every day LGBT people still experience discrimination and abuse on the basis of their sexual orientation. This is something we must continue to fight, but the referendum shows that the final nails are being firmly driven into to the coffin of a different age. That age of hate, oppression, and repression is on its way out, and we are now seeing the start of an age of love, acceptance, growth, and opportunity.

Well done, everyone. We’ve made history.

Why I’m Voting Yes

On May 22nd I’ll be voting on what’s probably one of the most important – if not the most important – referendums I’ll ever vote in. I won’t be taking part for myself; I’ll be voting to ensure that people close to me and all over the country can enjoy the same right that I can: the right to be able to marry the person I love. Continue reading

Campaigning Against the Family


What’s the first image that comes to mind when you think of that word, “family”? I’m willing to bet that most people will likely think of something resembling their own situation, whether that be a mother and father with kids, a single-parented family, children raised by adoptive parents, and so on. We can see a common factor here: children. Continue reading

Outcomes of the Marriage Equality Referendum

The upcoming referendum on extending marriage rights is – despite what some people will try to make you think – is a very simple one. Below I have outlined the possible outcomes in the case of a Yes or No vote on May 22nd, and a summary of things that will remain unchanged in either case. Continue reading

On Balance and Bullshit

‘But what about balance!?!’ the not-homophobes wail, tears in their eyes; one hand gripping the earth beneath their knees, the other clenched into a fist, shaking at the Heaven that has seemingly forsaken Holy Ireland.

Balance“: a word somewhere between a rousing battle-cry and a sorrowful whimper the not-homophobes throw about in attempt to garner some semblance of credibility as their voices continue to sink into the abyss of Real Life. A word – along with “silence” – brought out on a regular basis to show how the not-homophobes are, in fact, the real victims in all of this. If a gay person appears on a radio show to talk about their everyday life in modern Ireland, then surely not having someone else to shout them down is “silencing” the opponents of same-sex marriage? How can we be a functioning democracy when the holders of the status quo in the country are unable to speak their not-homophobic minds without someone raising an eyebrow? Waaaah! Baaaaalaaaaance!


Continue reading

UKIP and the Irish Right

Question: What do the Pro Life Campaign,, and UKIP/Nigel Farage all have in common?

Answer: Members of a family who were once directors of a Co Louth-based company called Vicarage Green Ltd, now in receivership, fined in 2009 for non-payment of taxes: among others, Enda, Leo, and Cora Sherlock. Continue reading

“But When is International Men’s Day?”

It seems that for a lot of lads, the concept of International Women’s Day has just arrived at them. Immediately, and unfortunately as expected, throngs of men have taken to the internet to ask where their own International Men’s Day is.

Because as you know, for real equality, us men have to have the exact same that them wimminz are having. Otherwise it’s unfair. It’s sexist. Fuck it, it’s misandry! Women and their “rights” getting media attention in the news the whole time. When will men’s rights be addressed, eh? EHH?? Continue reading

Iona Irrationality

If you were listening to Marian Finucane on RTE Radio One over the weekend you may have heard her chatting with with Breda O’Brien, patron of the lobby group the Iona Institute (a business name for Lolek Ltd). During the interview she stated that the Iona Institute is not a Catholic group. My eyebrow was certainly raised at this, and it echoes what her fellow Iona patron, Patricia Casey said to Matt Cooper on Today FM early last year:

Casey: “We’re not a Catholic institute.”
Cooper: “Alright. A Christian institution?”
Casey: “No. We’re not. We support the role of religion in society but we’re not a religiously based organisation.”

You only need to go as far as Iona’s website to see the tagline in the heading, For Religion and Society, and their four (possibly four; O’Brien seemed a little unsure when speaking to Finucane) patrons are all Catholic.

This probably gives you a bit of a taster into the odd, topsy-turvy logic and confusion the Iona Institute put forth on a regular basis. You’d previously have been excused for not knowing much about Iona, but if you’re reading this you’re probably aware at this stage of the whole Pantigate craic that’s been going on of the last while. Continue reading

Freedom of Speech vs Freedom from Consequence

For as long as I have been following various issues, I’ve repeatedly come across various groups individuals on the conservative side of the spectrum saying that liberals on the left are denying them their right to free speech. Those decrying such “oppression” are usually the recipients of valid criticism to their statements or claims, which is itself, of course, free speech. Continue reading

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