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What is the 8th Amendment?

In less than a week we will have voted on whether we should repeal the 8th Amendment. But what actually is the 8th Amendment? What are we voting on? What happens after?

There’s a lot of talk happening now about the referendum, and if you haven’t been following it really closely,  you could be finding it all a bit confusing or overwhelming. Hopefully this post will help clear things up and explain things succinctly. Continue reading

Reasons to Vote ‘Yes’

Over the last few months I’ve been chatting to people about what way they’ll vote in the upcoming referendum to repeal the 8th Amendment (Article 40.3.3 of the Constitution). By and large, people have been thoughtful about it and considered the options carefully. In many cases, however, I came across some misunderstandings about the referendum, leaving people in a position where they were unsure how to vote, or they were voting a certain way for arguably the wrong reasons.

I want to outline some of the most common thoughts I’ve come across in this regard, and I hope to address them so that people reading this – if they’re thinking the same things – can get a bit more clarification. Continue reading

Letter to Local TDs: Will You Support a Referendum?

I was unable to make it to March for Choice today, and someone on Twitter suggested that those of us who couldn’t make it should write to our local TDs. So I did that. All my TDs are men, so in a sense I am writing “as a man”, and I know I’m only touching on some of the complexities of abortion rights; I’ll never experience abortion in the same way a woman will, but I hope I’m helping to give some sort of voice to those who can’t speak out. But here it is, and feel free to use it yourself when writing to your local TDs. Continue reading

UKIP and the Irish Right

Question: What do the Pro Life Campaign,, and UKIP/Nigel Farage all have in common?

Answer: Members of a family who were once directors of a Co Louth-based company called Vicarage Green Ltd, now in receivership, fined in 2009 for non-payment of taxes: among others, Enda, Leo, and Cora Sherlock. Continue reading

Rogue Pregnancy Agencies and Irish Anti-Choice

Some women reading this may have experienced an unexpected pregnancy and made contact with a crisis pregnancy centre to seek advice on what to do next. Very probably, they would have contacted one of the advice agencies listed on Positive Options, a project to promote State-funded crisis pregnancy centres around the country. If you ever do find yourself needing advice on an unplanned pregnancy, visit or text LIST to 50444 to obtain information on pregnancy advice agencies: their counselling is free, confidential, and without pressure.

EDIT (Sept 2016): It’s come to my knowledge that some of the groups listed on do not provide abortion information. Please ensure you are contacting a group that’s suitable for your needs.

However, some readers may have inadvertently contacted untrustworthy agencies who do try to pressure women into doing things to fit their agenda: rogue agencies. One of these rogue counselling agencies is known as Gianna Care Ltd, and is based at 46a Upper Dorset Street, Dublin 1. Continue reading

The Problem(s) with Youth Defence: Hate

I’m not talking about the kind of hatred that some of us have for bad puns, or the kind I have for olives and mushrooms. I’m not talking about hatred of Monday mornings or when someone takes your parking space. I’m not even talking about that hatred of when you realise only too late that they never gave you your bag of prawn crackers at the takeaway.

I’m talking about the kind of hatred that consumed Anakin Skywalker and made him become Darth Vader. That deep, all-consuming bitterness you see in some people. The cruel hate that they clearly take some sort of empty enjoyment out of, and you can only feel pity for those people.

That is the hatred Youth Defence thrive on, and the bitterness they try to instill in their followers.

Please note that some of the images and language in this post may be triggering. Continue reading

The Problem(s) with the Pro Life Campaign: Charity?

Well, well, well. I now have another subject for my The Problem(s) With… series of posts. The last series (and it’s not finished yet, I still have another one to finish off) dealt with Youth Defence, their lies, and their extremism with respect to the abortion debate that has been going on since their formation in 1992.

However, this post deals with what may be considered a less extreme group, The Pro Life Campaign, but a group that seems to want some things kept out of the public eye nonetheless. Continue reading

The Catholic Bishops’ Statement on Abortion

The Irish Catholic Bishops’ Conference in Maynooth today issued a statement calling for the status quo on Ireland’s abortion laws be upheld, and that the X Case judgement and two referenda be ignored.

Here are my thoughts on that statement. Continue reading

Pro-Life Lies

It’s that time again, folks! Time to take stock of what disingenuous claims and downright lies are being peddled by anti-choice supporters these days. I’ve touched on some stuff before, but as the national discussion (or “debate”, as some people call it) has advanced, so too have the misrepresentations of various groups and individuals on the pro-life/anti-choice camp.

Why am I writing this? While abortion is a polarised and heated topic in Ireland at the moment, there are many people who haven’t really formed an opinion on abortion, or haven’t really thought about it at all. The tactics used by anti-choice groups can seem quite convincing, and may sway people to agree with them without fully realising the reality behind the so-called “facts”. This post is bound to be biased to some extent, but I’m not trying to sway people in any direction: I’m simply pointing out the common misrepresentations that are put forth by anti-choice campaigners, so that Regular Joes and Josephines can understand the points more in-depth. Continue reading

Why Do Pro-Choicers Keep Bringing Up Religion?

Many anti-choice proponents often ask why pro-choice people keep bringing religion into discussions about abortion, saying that religion has nothing to do with abortion.

Well, it’s not the pro-choice side bringing religion into the discussion.

Pardon us, anti-choicers, but you don’t exactly make it easy for us to avoid addressing the religious zeal. Continue reading

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